On Monday 30/1/2017, The French Department welcomed Ms. Marie-Claude Messager, Attaché of Educational Cooperation and her colleague Ms. Cecile Chaumpello. Together with Dr. Wasim Bishawi, Head of The French Department, they discussed the needs of the department as well as possible ways of collaboration to improve the skills of both teachers and students.

Furthermore, Ms. Messager interviewed the students who had applied for the Assistant of Language Program which gives them the chance to teach Arabic in French public schools. At the same time, Ms. Chaumpello explained to 3rd and 4th year students how they can get involved in the DAEFLE (Diploma in Teaching French as a Foreign Language) program.


By the end of their visit, Dr. Wasim Bishawi gave our two guests a tour of the department which includes a research and resource center supervised by Ms. Najah Darwazeh.

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