On Wednesday, November 11, 2022, the Faculty of Humanities at An-Najah National University, represented by Dr. Ahmed Qabha, Faculty Dean and Assistant Professor in Postcolonial and Comparative Literature at the University, signed a cooperation agreement about academic exchange and research cooperation with Northeastern State University, USA, represented by Dr. Christopher Flavin.

The agreement was signed with the desire to expand scholarly ties between the two universities including staff and student exchange, scientific research, and co-teaching in the fields of mutual interest.

The agreement aims to aims to connect the MA programs offered by the Department of English at An-Najah (Comparative Literature, Applied Linguistics and Translation) with the MA programs offered by the Department of English at Northeastern State University. This will be implemented through offering student and staff exchange opportunities by mutual agreement between both the universities.

Furthermore, the goal of the MOU is to foster collaboration, provide opportunity for global experience, and to facilitate advancement of knowledge on the basis of reciprocity, best effort, mutual benefit, and frequent interactions.

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