Dr. Ahmed Qabha, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at An-Najah National University, participated in the Executive Committee meeting of the Scientific Society of Faculties of Arts. The meeting was hosted by Jinan University in Tripoli, Lebanon from February 17-19, 2023, and was attended by representatives from universities that are members of the Association of Arab Universities. The meeting was held to strengthen collaboration among faculties of Arts in the Arab World.

Several deans of faculties of arts from Arab universities attended the conference and put forward several recommendations to enhance cooperation among them and the Scientific Society for Faculties of Arts. These included active participation in the discussion of master's and doctoral theses, contribution to the activities of the Scientific Society, and hosting seminars, scientific meetings, and training workshops. Members were also encouraged to present initiatives that could help achieve the objectives of the Scientific Society.

Additionally, the conference suggested that members should engage in reviewing research for scientific journals published by the faculties of arts that are part of the Scientific Society. Moreover, members should work towards promoting and raising awareness of the Journal of Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts by creating a dedicated website on social networking sites.

These recommendations will help facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among faculties of arts from Arab universities and strengthen the impact of the Scientific Society for Faculties of Arts.

Dr. Qabha expressed his gratitude to Al-Jinan University for hosting the meeting and to the Scientific Society for organizing the annual event. He emphasized the importance of strengthening the bonds of interdependence and cooperation between the faculties of arts in Arab universities due to its significant impact on the academic, cultural, and educational levels.

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