Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities' webpage!

  • The Faculty of Humanities, the oldest at An-Najah, was established in 1977. It is now home to 80 staff members of MAs and PhD holders and more than 1300 students.
  • The faculty consists of the departments of Arabic Language, English, French, History and Tourism and Archeology departments as well as the Language Center.
  • The faculty provides its students with knowledge both theoretically and practically. It also introduces them to independent learning, e-learning and communication skills.
  • The faculty aims at producing confident students who are able to keep up with today's scientific and technical developments, and who later become competent graduates in critical and analytical thinking. In addition to that, it aims at encouraging scientific research, team work and social intelligence.
  • The Faculty of Humanities regularly holds extracurricular activities such as workshops, sessions and conferences that tackle different relevant subjects.