The Department of History is one of the leading departments at An-Najah. The department offers a BA as well as an MA in History and is home to seven highly qualified faculty members who are holders of MAs and PhDs.

The Department of History’s ambitious vision is a promising future where it has a distinguished rank among the departments in the world, enhanced with the university’s vision and tireless efforts on reflecting excellence, creativity and delivering its message in serving science and knowledge and the progress of civilization.
The Department of History mission is to achieve success and to receive respect and appreciation on all aspects (locally, regionally, and internationally), embodying the global philosophy it employs in studying history and scripts.


  1. Preparing a generation of historians who are able to study history and script and writing it according to a scientific curriculum.
  2. Contributing effectively in laying the foundations of the school subject in studying history and casting aside preconceived thoughts.
  3. Preparing young cadres to ensure the development and prosperity of civilization, achieving sustainable development especially in the developing countries, first and foremost in the Arab world, including Palestine.
  4. Contributing to the protection of human heritage, which is threatened by distortion, forgery, effacement and corruption.
  5. Emphasizing the depth and generality of the spiritual message the Arab world embodies, including Palestine, as well as the objectives in spreading peace and love between among humankind.

Graduating elite of scientific personnel trained on a great deal of science and knowledge, which qualify them to:

  1. Study the past, understand the present, and shape the prospects of the future according to the most updated curricula in history.
  2. Analyze, understand, and interpret things in light of the objective perspective.
  3. Accept the opposing opinions.
  4. Rely on them to confront challenges.
  5. Initiate and develop voluntary work.
  6. Carry the message of our fathers and grandfathers who provided the world with many of the pioneering achievements on the level of innovating the alphabets, delivering divine religions, the value of justice and the methods of correctness.


Successive Chairpersons:

2022- Now:
  • 2022-2019

    Dr. Mohammad Alkhateeb

  • 2013-2019

    Dr. Amer Al-Qobbaj

  • 2008-2013

    Amin Masoud Mahmoud Abo-Bakr

  • 1999-2008

    Adnan Mohammad Asaad Melhem