Dr Ahmad Qabaha, an assistant professor in postcolonial and comparative literature at An-Najah, had visited the VUB University in Belgium last week (20-25 October 2019) for academic and scholarly matters.  Dr Qabaha was welcomed and hosted by a group of professors who share him similar academic interests, including Prof Philippe Humble, Prof Arvi Sepp and Prof Elisabeth Bekers. During the series of meetings he had there, Dr Qabaha discussed various modes of collaboration between the English departments at An-Najah and the VUB. He talked about the possibility of joint supervision and examination of MA students at both departments, academic exchanges for both students and professors and also research work. Dr Qabaha, Prof Humble and Prof Sepp exchanged various ideas about themes that are interdisciplinary in nature, and they considered working on a research paper on exile, language and translation. Dr Qabaha also shared with the mentioned professors the latest news of the English department at An-Najah. He solicited the feedback from the professors on the MA program in comparative literature, and he invited them to the conference that the faculty of humanities, in cooperation with the English department, is organizing. During his visit to the VUB, Dr Qabaha also had a meeting with a group of Palestinian students and professors; they exchanged ideas about the similarities and differences between education in Palestine and Europe and about the concerns and visions of the Palestinian universities. They also discussed ways in which these academic exchanges can improve the quality of education in Palestine and enhance the connections and reputations of the Palestinian academic institutions. Before he ended his travel to Belgium, Dr Qabaha had joined Prof Humble’s trip to Catholic University of Leuven Library, which is one of the most famous and amazing university libraries in the world.

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