The Department of English in collaboration with the American Corner organized a lecture on the Educational system in the United States. The lecture was held on Wednesday, October 5, 2012 at the Library Conference Room. The lecturer, Mr. Jason H. Ullner of the American Consulate in Jerusalem, highlighted the major aspects and features of liberal art education in the USA. He showed the audience the importance of thinking critically and learning how to understand processes instead of only memorizing a set of information on a subject. While American students pursue different major fields of study, what they gather at the end is not only a body of information (which is very likely to be forgotten), but a skill on how to use the information in a critical way and how to be able to serve in the job market benefiting from their ability to use their critical and creative thinking in every walk of life.

Dr. Ekrema Shehab, the Chairman of the Department of English, welcomed the guest and said that cross-cultural activities are very important to the academic life of university students. He said that our educational system encourages creative and critical thinking; “we are proud of the quality of education that we offer to our student.”

Mr. Ullner answered questions made by the students related to the subject of his talk and to his experience as a diplomat and a political officer serving in the Middle East. He left with a nice impression about the students and the University. He said, An-Najah is an excellent university; it is one of the best Palestinian universities and he commended the reputation of An-Najah as a leading institution in the area.

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