The Department of English at An-Najah National University organized a lecture on the literature of resistance. Prof Greg Thomas introduced the life and works of George Jackson the freedom fighter who was killed in a USA prison after being sentenced one year to life as a result of robbing $70 from a gas station. George Jackson was a freedom fighter who was the founder of the Black Panther movement in the US. After his assassination by the prison guards,  a poem written by the Palestinian poet Samih Al-Qasim was found among his belongings. A book, translated by Edmund Gharib was also found among the 99 books that Jackson had in jail. Later the poem was published under Jackson’s name since the publisher failed to know that it was written by Samih Al-Qasim. The poem points to a shared impulse, diction and discourse between the two literatures and resistance realities.

The relationship is cemented in an exhibit that Prof Thomas organized at Abu Jihad Museum of Prisoners at Al-Quds University, Abu Dis featuring the works of Jackson and several other Palestinian prisoners and world freedom fighter victims and prisoners.

The lecture was well-received by the students and staff of the English Department. Dr. Ekrema Shehab, the Department Chair said that extracurricular activities should always supplement the curriculum.  It is important that we acquaint our students with the different colors and realities of world literature especially that which interests them. 

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