In Memory of Dr. Maher Fattash Zubaida, a scholarship fund will cover the University tuition of 18 credit hours for a student, enrolled in the English Language & Literature Program at An-Najah National University for the second semester academic year 2019-2020 (High School Graduates are not eligible).


To apply for this academic scholarship the student has to complete the attached form and send it to the following email address [email protected] by the 7th  of December, 2019 (Incomplete forms will not be considered). The shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview to complete the process. The shortlisted candidates also have to provide proof of the information s/he completes in the form (e.g.: copy of ID & copy of university transcripts). We recommend that students seek advice from their teachers and colleagues on successful writing skills for the paragraph they compose as part of the scholarship’s application.

Only the finalist will receive an email with the details of receiving the funds to cover his/her tuition.

You can find the application form herebelow 

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