An- Najah National University 
Department of English


Defense Committees

December, 21, 2017

10:00 am


Dr Ahmad and Dr Mohamad     (Room 130)

Areej Abdullah and Rahma Shaar, “Is Civilization a Veneer? The Darkness of the Human Soul in Lord of the Flies and Heart of Darkness.” 

Sahar Ramadan, “Caught in Two Ages: Doctor Faustus’ Crisis of Belonging.”          

Duha Assi, “The Awakening of Two Women:  Ibsen’s Nora and Shaw’s Eliza.”

Ashraqat Sarsour, “Torn between two Types of Prejudice: The dilemma of Black Women in Stockett’s The Help


Dr Abdulkareem and Dr Bilal    ( Room 090)

Marah Utair, Heba Sadaqa and Marah Abu-Salah, “Hollywood Movies Through the Lens of Edward Said’s Orientalism (1978)”

Sana' Sholi, Sarah Amer, Rawan Attalah and Yara Batta, “A Postcolonial Reading of Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist” (2007)

Rami Kukhun, “A Presentist Reading of Brave New World: The Modern Impact of Social Mutation on Politics and Education”

Nouf Saleh, “The Mythological Approach in Analyzing Riders to the Sea.”

Dr Iman and Dr Sameer Ismaeel     (Room 094)

Dalia Qasrawi, Aya Bozia, Ru'ya Odeh “Translation of Roald Dahl's The Magic Finger /Children Literature”

Maram Reda, Niveen Nassar, Anas Haj, “Designing Two Games: Letters and Numbers for 1st Graders”  

Hanin Bassam and Shahd Imar, “I Prefer not to … Bartleby the Scrivener”: Self and Space”

Dr Reem and Dr Sufian     (Room 100)

Yasmin Abu Obeid and Doa’a Omariya, “Gender Inversion on Facebook and Palestinian Women”

Hadeel Atteyeh and Hiba Al-Alem, “Translation Problems in For the Sake of Your Green Eyes

Saja Alawni, Qamar Qararia andAbeer Salama, “Religious Culture in Matran's and Al Wakeel's Translation of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice


Dr Rami and Dr Sameer Isa       (Room 010)

Ilham Deik, Aseel Salah, Lama Darawshah and Raghdah Srouji, “Subtitling Implied Meaning in Animation Movie”


Shifa Marie, Abeer Mahameed, Nadin Koni and Raneen Lahloh, “Obama's Farwell Speech: A Discourse Analaytic Perspective”


Dr Fayez and Dr Ekrema        (Room 110)

Budoor Amleh, Abdul Rahman and Yahya Ayat Sawalha, “Jabra's and Mutran's Translation of Religious Culture in Shakespeare’s Macbeth


Dr Ruqayya and Dr Ayman     (Room 120)

Dr Ekrema’s supervisees, "Economics of Globalization"

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